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All I’ve got lately is been triggered.. And tonight I’ve given in. The pain stays long after the area is cleaned.. I can deal with things I opened up and I don’t know what to do, I love having someone there that can be around for me but no one will be there every second of the day

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ultimate favourite.

Oh man.

The ‘yes or no’ game.

You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

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Friday night was one of the best nights I ever had.. It was the college ball.. It was just amazing so much fun I felt loved even though I only made friends that day really with most of them. 
It just ended the worst way it could of though. Some lad from iadt was in te lift with me trying to come back to my room.. He wouldn’t leave me.. We started talking about tattoos and he was like oh have any more.. I showed him the one on my leg. 
“We all look the same in the dark” this tattoo had so much meaning to me in my life, I’m living by it and it also hides a lot of scaring across my thigh. He looks at it and is like that is a piece of shit. It’s awful why would you get that and not something meaningful?! 
Right then my whole heart sank. I just exploded.. I was screaming at him and hit him.. I was in tears and lucky the lift opened and I ran. He tried to follow me but I got into the room before he began smashing on my door. I literly locked myself in the bathroom crying for ages. I told no one.. And kept it hidden.. I told everyone it was just because I hurt my chin (as I smashed it on the floor earlier that night) I just can’t understand how someone could just say something is awful and how in meaning ful it it when they don’t know the half of it. They don’t know why I have it and what it means to me. It might mean nothing to you but it means a whole lot to me.

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2/3 Princesses: Ariel

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