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i used to be really self conscious when it came to how pale i am. i remember when i was like 12/13 and i used to look at girls with darker skin and envy them, i used to hate the fact i could never tan in the sun and after a lot of self loathing over the years i think i might actually be learning to love myself a bit


Eventually we’re just gonna have to accept “ducking” as a swear word

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Nipple piercings are fucking sore things.. Do not get them done unless the piercing place has a special for €5 all piercings.. Then consider it… Fuck this pain!



Coco lingerie set


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I’ve truly just lost everything now.. Even the people I didn’t want around but kept around because I felt some sort of love.. They have kicked me out on to the streets basically and I did nothing wrong.. No friends now.. No one to go out too.. I have legit spent the last 3 weeks sat inside either in Wexford or Dublin.. My life once again has gotten worse and slowly going back to a stage I don’t want to go back to.